Fun, sport, relax, nature

The Marmore Falls area is famous for the variety of sports and social activities it offers to tourists.

The most popular activities are rafting, practiced along the steep banks of the Nera river, suitable for those who want to combine the adrenaline of sport with the beauty of landscapes along the river. Linked to this discipline, there are other activities: canyoning, hydro-speed, river walking, even at night, canoeing and, also suitable for adults for the first experience or children, soft rafting and soft hydrospeed.

Mountain biking is also very popular, allowing both beginners and highly technical rides for professional bikers. It is no coincidence that national and regional championships are held in this area during the season.

Another much loved discipline is free climbing and climbing in general, which is very suited to the geographical peculiarities of the area.

In the nearby Piediluco Lake, international rowing competitions are held. Here is a school of ancient traditions, which has produced great champions in the past.

In the Sibillini Mountains Park you can also do paragliding, trekking, hiking, canyoning, caving, hang-gliding, kayaking, and then even horse riding, donkey and mule excursions, free-climbing and a Tibetan bridge.