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the Marmore Falls

Impetuous, superb, sparkling with its bright rainbow, the Marmore Falls, among the highest in Europe with a total height difference of 165 meters, divided into three jumps, and Umbria’s flagship, encloses in its mighty roar a poem appreciated over the centuries by illustrious eyes, from Pliny to Cicero, from Galileo to William Turner.

It was the ingenious hydraulic intervention of the Roman consul Curio Dentato, in 271 BC, which led to the creation of this evocative work, through the collection of the waters of the Velino River that stagnated in the Sabina.

Over the centuries, various interventions were carried out to create new canals: last, that of the architect Andrea Vici who, in 1787, made a diagonal cut on the second jump, giving the Cascade its current appearance.

Even today someone, sinking his gaze into the dust of water – composed of the Velino River which, near the hamlet of Marmore, flows out of Lake Piediluco to plunge into the underlying throat of the Nera – he will think back to the legendary love between the Black nymph and young shepherd Velino, reunited forever by the intervention of Jupiter.

Today, within the Marmore Waterfalls tourist-excursion area it is possible to follow 6 marked trails that allow the visitor to observe the waterfall from panoramic points of view of striking beauty.

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Piediluco Lake

Piediluco lake is a lake in central Italy, on the shores of which stands the town of Piediluco, a fraction of Terni. Located at the south-eastern propagines of Umbria, with a branch that borders on Lazio, Lake Piediluco can be considered the largest natural lake basin in the Region, after Lake Trasimeno. The name seems to be interpreted as “at the foot of the sacred wood”. It represents, along with other small pools of water located in the province of Rieti, one of the remains of the ancient Lacus Velinus, a large basin of alluvial origin that formed in the Quaternary …

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Under the Marmore Falls, there is an ideal place to do Rafting in Umbria: the fantastic descent of the rapids in a rubber boat. Here the Nera river flows fast, boiling over the rocks for over three kilometers, forming rapids of the fourth degree (from 1 to 6 the difficulties of rafting), surrounded by lush vegetation, in an environment that seems tropical.

The Marmore Rafting Center, the largest rafting center in Umbria, present for over 20 years, in the Papigno headquarters, is located about 500 meters from our structure: visit the site to see all the activities offered, both for adults and for children , and to find contacts to book

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a due passi dalle celebri cascate delle Marmore

a stone's throw from the famous Marmore waterfalls